Tip Dana – Tip of the day in serbia

Tip dana

For gamblers in Serbia it is very popular to read and bet in the daily tips (tip dana) provided by the medias in the country. This “tip dana” is typically a tip for a specific match played on the actual day.

Win money on tip dana

Some of the experts delivering the tip of the day in Serbia are very good at this and if you follow their “tip dana” on the right times, then you will make good money. Off course it is important to know a little bit about the author f the tips and perhaps his track record, if such is available.

How to make the tip of the day

Tip dana works so that the expert or the experts choose a specific match from the day. Typically this match is a premium match, which means that it is played in local leagues or top leagues from Europe, like English Premier League. This ensures that the match is general available for betting with all bookmakers. From there the experts will analyse the match and look at markets and odds from different bookmakers available.
Finally the experts will find the best betting opportunity for you, and this will be labelled TIP DANA.


Streaks are defined as how many das in a row, an expert can win money betting on the tip of the day. So if an expert has a streak of 5, then he has won the last 5 das in a row. Hitting the exact moment, when an betting expert starts a long streak can be very profitable.
Lets say that you do this and have 10 EUR to invest. Lets say that the average odds for the tip of the day is 2.55 and that this expert will have a streak of 5. Also asumming that you will reinvest all you winnings for each da until you cash out after 5 days.
Then you will win 10 * 2.55 ^ 5 = 1078.2 EUR. WOW !

Other options

If you follow “tip dana“, then you can off course choose to bet with other bookmakers, or maybe even a crypto bookmaker with bitcoin cash or similar. The choice is yours and remember to hit the experts on their streaks.