Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casino

A bitcoin casino is an online casino, which handles deposits and withdrawals in bitcoins rather than traditional FIAT currency. Also the actual account must be held in bitcoins in order for the casino to be a real bitcoin casino.

Is gambling safe with bitcoins

Gambling with bitcoins is as safe as with any other casino operator. Off course you should look for whether the bitcoin casino has an online license to run and operate such business. But apart from that there should be no issues.

Bitcoin casino deposits

When is comes to deposits with bitcoin it is very simple once you try it. Typically the bitcoin casino will give you a personal bitcoin wallet address to make any deposit to. As soon as deposit appear on this address, then you will be credited the amount on your account. Then you are ready to gamble.

Bitcoin casino withdrawals

Withdrawals with bitcoins are similar easy to execute. Simply fill out the withdrawal form on the casino site with the amount you want to withdraw. Then finish by entering your personal bitcoin wallet address. Most casinos will execute withdrawal requests within 24 hours, but some like will typically do this within one hour. This is much faster than any operator handling FIAT payments will ever be able to.

Getting your bitcoin wallet

When it comes to holding bitcoins, you must have a bitcoin wallet. There are many options out there, and you should really have a look around.
If you cannot be bothered to investigate too much, then we recommend the following

How to get coins in my wallet?

Once you have your bitcoin wallet, then it is probably time to get some bitcoins in your wallet, so you can make your first deposit to a bitcoin casino.
To do this, you can either earn coins by mining or acquire some from a bitcoin exchange. Again there are many exchanges, and you should have a look a round before you decide where to buy. There might be some bitcoins to earn by better exchange rate.
If you do not want to spend time on this, then you will find some choices here.

Other coins

You can also find casinos for other crypto coins such as bitcoin cash or ethereum.

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