Bitcoin cash betting – How to bet with bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash Betting

Bitcoin cash betting refers to betting with the crypto currency “Bitcoin Cash”. Bitcoin cash was derived from the Bitcoin hard fork on august 1st 2017

Betting with Bitcoin Cash

Since this is as easy to transact with as Bitcoins, but works in larger blocks, then this perfect opportunity to use for gambling. There are still not many bookmakers and casinos offering bitcoin cash betting, but surely many will come over the next couple of years.


You deposit to bookmakers and casinos the same way you make deposit with bitcoins, simply by sending your bitcoin cash to a specific wallet address reserved for you. Once the deposit arrives at this address, then it will be credited to your account.


Withdrawals from an online bitcoin cash casino works much the same way as making any other type of withdrawal. You enter how much you want to withdraw from your balance, but instead of putting your credit card number or bank account details, then you simply give your personal wallet address. The bitcoin cash casino will typically send you bitcoin cash within 24 hours of request.


We do still not know of any casinos offering bonuses for bitcoin cash gamblers. We will however keep a look out for this and updates the article with our findings in the future.

List of casinos

So far we have not found too many casinos offering bitcoins cash, except from, which started as a bitcoin bookmaker and bitcoin casino in 2015.

We would expect that minimum 4-5 other operators eventually will offer accounts in bitcoin cash, sincethe list of operators offering bitcoin deposit option is probably over 100 by now and still growing.